Thanks to the advanced technology, your DNA information can be now generated into multiple reports across nutrition, dietary, fitness, health wellness, health risk, skincare and many more.

Report Content

Regardless type of service providers, the default report includes a summary, risk assessments and recommendations on improving your diet and lifestyle. From your report, you may receive additional resources to learn how each gene influence your health and wellness, depending on the service providers. 

Check out the 6 most popular report categories that can be generated by DNA screening and how the screening benefits us below:


Plenty of multi-vitamins and nutrient supplements at home? Do you really know what nutrients and vitamins do you lack of?

DNA personalized Wellness can tell you about your Vitamin A, B6, B12, C, D, E, K requirement / Calcium requirement / Iodine requirement / Iron requirement / Folic acid requirement etc.

Health Risks

Knowing your family history of certain disease? Want to prevent before it is too late? Curious about your health?

DNA personalized wellness can tell you if you have the risk of having Type II Diabetes / HDL / Osteoporosis / Inflammation / Alzheimer's disease / Coronary Artery Disease / Gout etc.

Sports & Fitness

Currently frustrated of current ineffective workout plan? Should you include more aerobic workout or flexibility training in your workout plan? Are you having higher risk at injury?

DNA personalized wellness can tell you about your Muscle endurance, power, strength / Sports recovery ability / Ligament protection / Injury risk / Aerobic exercise ability etc.


How sensitive is your skin to sun? Does your skin have trouble retaining firmness? Do you have a greater chance of developing pigmentation?

DNA personalized wellness can tell you about your skin condition such as Firmness & Elasticity / Pigmentation / Sensitivity / Sun Damage, Protection & Repair etc.

Inner Potential 

Are you a creative person? Do you usually find yourself leading others? How long can you stay focus?

DNA personalized wellness can tell you about your Memorize ability / Concentration ability / Creativity / Learning ability / Stress handling ability / Tendency to stay up late / Cognitive ability etc.

Weight Management

Which diet is more suitable? Mediterranean or Low Fat? Does exercise play a role in your weight control?

DNA personalized wellness can tell you about your Carbohydrate Sensitivity / Fat Sensitivity / Mediterranean Diet Effectiveness / Effect of Diet on Weight Control / Overweight Potential etc. 

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